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Disposable E-mail

Disposable E-mail from QuickInbox

QuickInbox is a free disposable e-mail service that allows you to quickly create a seperate disposable e-mail inbox to help keep your actual e-mail inbox clear of spam.

Generate Random Username Enter the username you would like to use ( in the box above and click the orange Create Inbox button to create your disposable inbox or click the orange circle on the right to generate a random username.


E-mail Forwarding E-mail Forwarding
We also offer a disposable e-mail forwarding service that allows you to temporarily forward any emails sent to your QuickInbox disposable inbox to your regular e-mail inbox as well. This allows you all the functionality our QuickInbox disposable inbox without actually having to come to the site!

Firefox Firefox Add-on - QuickInbox Genereator
We have a Firefox Add-on that makes it even easier to create a disposable e-mail. You can now create an disposable e-mail address with a click of your mouse. Check out our Firefox Add-on page for more information and a tutorial on how to install the add-on on your browser.

Stats Graph QuickInbox Statistics
We help stop spam nearly every second. We have received over 1,000,000 spam e-mails, which means we have stopped 1,000,000 e-mails from hitting our users inboxes. We have saved them a total of about 280 hours of deleting spam!

Password Protect Your Inbox Password Protect Your Inbox
With QuickInbox you can password protect your disposable inbox. This will help keep the e-mails coming in private and protected. Once your inbox expires the e-mails and password are deleted and it can be used by other users.